Solar Installation Information

  1. Communication is key. We like to have open communication with the member and installer as early in the process as possible.

  2. Once a member has decided to install a system, please submit the following to Keith Jones at MCEC: Attachment A of Policy 211, one line electrical connection diagram, site layout drawing, and inverter and panel spec sheets.

  3. Please note we NO longer require a production meter to only meter the DGs generation.

  4. We require the member to have $1,000,000 of liability insurance, and require documentation of this insurance.

  5. Our interconnect fee is $250. If multiple trips are required, at the fault of the installer or member, there may be additional fees.

  6. Once the system is installed, please contact us to schedule an inspection. The system may not be in production until MCEC inspects the system.

  7. Part of the inspection on the day of commissioning may include the member’s existing meter base. Please note that MCEC will not approve a DG system if code violations are found in a meter base during the meter change. For example, multiple wires installed in one lug.

  8. After the system passes inspection Attachments B and C of Policy 211 will be completed and a final packet will be emailed to the member and installer (if requested by the member).

  9. We net meter our DG services and settle up monthly. Excess kWh are purchased at our avoided cost, currently $0.0363/kWh.

Interconnection Policies