Related Information

Life-Support Equipment

Please let MCEC know the names and location of members who depend on life-support equipment. We will make every effort to give priority to restore service to members on life- support systems. We keep an emergency registry and it is important that the information be up-to-date. Please call our office at 939-7171. MCEC recommends that you have an emergency stand-by generator in this situation.

Standby Generators

Stand-by generators are good insurance, particularly in situations where a member is dependent on a life-support system. But, if not installed properly and according to code, they can cause serious accidents or death to those who may be working on power lines. MCEC would like to know of all members who have stand-by generators. We need to know if it is portable or stationary, as well as the size and make of the unit. Please call the office at 939-7171.