New Member Information

Membership Steps

To become a member of the Monroe County Electric Cooperative, Inc., you must:

  •  Submit a written application for membership to the MCEC office
  •  Pay a consumer service fee
  •  Pay a security deposit based on the member’s credit history
  •  Agree to purchase electric energy from the Co-Operative
  •  Agree to comply with and be bound by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and rules and regulations of MCEC.
  •  Read the membership handbook.


Security Deposit

Any new consumer may be required to pay a security deposit in order to receive electric service from the Co-operative. The amount of the deposit required will be determined as follows, based upon credit risk rating as defined by Online Utility Exchange:

Green no deposit required
Red $500.00 deposit required

Deposits will be required to be paid prior to electrical service being received. Deposits will be returned after 12 months to members with an excellent credit rating. Deposits from members without excellent credit ratings will remain on the account until an excellent credit rating is reached or member moves from Co-Operative lines. When a member moves from the Co-Operative’s system, any remaining deposit, less outstanding balance, will be refunded to the member making the deposit.

Additional deposits will be charged for:

  1. Trips for delinquent account collections
  2. Moving from Co-operative lines with unpaid account and then returning
  3. Check returned from depository for insufficient funds or no funds
  4. Second check returned from depository for insufficient funds or no funds

In the event a renter has already moved in to an account but has not paid the proper security deposit, that account will be subject to disconnection if the deposit is not paid immediately.


Temporary Services

Any consumer and/or developer requesting temporary service for construction purposes will be required to sign an acknowledgment and pay a non-refundable fee of $25.00 prior to installation of the temporary electric service by the Co-Operative.

In the event of damages to the equipment, said cost of damages will be assessed at an amount up to $250.00. If temporary service is not made permanent within a year from installation, a $250.00 fee for replacement of equipment will be charged.


Payment of Electric Bills

As a member of MCEC, it is your responsibility to submit payment on the schedule established upon membership.

The cooperative reads your meter each month and stores those readings. We normally take the reading from the first day of the month and incorporate it into our billing system so that a member’s usage corresponds from the 1st of one month to the first of the following month.

Bills are mailed the first week of each month. The net amount of the bill is due by the 20th of the month. The gross amount is due on all payments made after the 20th, which includes a 5% late charge.


Methods of Payment

Credit Card Payment

Members can pay their electric bills by credit/debit card if it is a MasterCard, Visa or DiscoverCard. They can either put the credit/debit card information on the bill when they send it in or call it in over the phone. The amount of the bill will be applied against the members credit/debit card account.

Direct Payment Plan

A member can have their electric bill payment made automatically from their checking account, savings account or credit/debit card if it is a MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card. And, they won’t have to change their present banking relationship to take advantage of the service.

Here’s how the Direct Payment Plan works:
The member authorizes regularly scheduled payments to be made from their checking, savings or credit/debit card account. Their payments will be made automatically on the specified day, and proof of payment will appear on their statement. The amount which will be withdrawn from either their savings, checking or credit/debit card account will be the net amount due shown on their electric bill. The authority they give to charge their account will remain in effect until they notify us in writing to terminate the authorization. The Direct Payment Plan is dependable, flexible, convenient and easy. To take advantage of this service, contact the cooperative office at 939-7171 or 800-757-7433 for details.


A member can pay their electric bill online by starting at our website and select “E-Billing” on our homepage.