Change to On-Time Payment Policy

Effective September 1st, we are updating our policy regarding the criteria for on-time payments. Previously, payments were considered on time if they were postmarked by the due date. Moving forward, payments will be deemed on time only if they are received by our office by the due date.


There are many ways to pay your bill:

Sign up for SmartHub– with this app you can view your bill immediately, pay your bill, report outages, get outage alerts and more.

Sign up for AutoPay – there are no fees! Call our office to get signed up or sign up through SmartHub.

Drop Box – if you drive by the office, we have a drop box in our parking lot you could utilize to drop off your payment.

Automated Phone Payments – call our office and press 2 for self- serve billing options.

Pay over the phone – Anytime of the day or night!