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To offset the cost of providing electric service to rural areas in Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair counties, MCEC offers cost-saving alternatives to its members. Monroe County Electric Co-Operative has one of the state's most comprehensive energy marketing programs.


Capital Credits

As a nonprofit corporation, MCEC sells no stock, declares no dividends, and all excess revenue over expenses (net margins) are returned to the members of the cooperative. This is called Capital Credits. Each year, this net margin - or Capital Credit - is credited to the capital account of each member in proportion to the amount of electric power purchased at such times as the financial condition of MCEC permits. As of December 31, 2007, MCEC has returned a total of $3,089,998 to our members.


Budget Billing

MCEC makes a fixed or levelized budget plan available to members with a minimum of a 12 month history with the cooperative. The program is voluntary and members must remain on the selected program for a 12 month period.


Credit Card Payment

Members can pay their electric bills by credit card if they have a MasterCard, Visa or Discover card. You can call it in over the phone, send the information by mail or bring it in person.


Direct Payment Plan

A member can have their electric bill payment made automatically from their checking account, savings account or credit/debit card if it is a MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card. And, they won't have to change their present banking relationship to take advantage of the service.

Here's how the Direct Payment Plan works:
The member authorizes regularly scheduled payments to be made from their checking, savings or credit/debit card account. Their payments will be made automatically on the specified day, and proof of payment will appear on their statement. The amount which will be withdrawn from either their savings, checking or credit/debit card account will be the net amount due shown on their electric bill. The authority they give to charge their account will remain in effect until they notify us in writing to terminate the authorization. The Direct Payment Plan is dependable, flexible, convenient and easy. To take advantage of this service, contact the cooperative office at 939-7171 or 800-757-7433 for details.


Geothermal Rebate

MCEC will rebate $1000 to members who install a geothermal system (minimum of 3-tons) as long as the member qualifies as an “all-electric” account.  The minimum requirement to be rated as an “all-electric” account is that the member must have electric as their main source of heat along with an electric water heater (minimum of 50 gallons in size).
Benefits of Geothermal Systems


Heat Pump Rebate

MCEC will rebate $500 to members who install a heat pump (minimum of 3-tons and SEER rating of 15) as long as the member qualifies as an “all-electric” account.  The minimum requirement to be rated as an “all-electric” account is that the member must have electric as their main source of heat along with an electric water heater (minimum of 50 gallons in size).
Benefits of Heat Pumps


Electric Heat Rate

A very attractive rate is available to households utilizing electric heat.

September 1 - June 1
Facilities Charge:
Energy Charge:

First 800 KWH @ 11.3 cents
Next 3200 KWH @ 8.5 cents
Over 4000 KWH @ 11.3 cents

June 1 - September 1
Facilities Charge:
Energy Charge:
All KWH @ 11.3 cents


Home Energy Audits

Energy audits are available to the members at no cost. We can come out and identify different areas of your home that may be costing you dollars from heat/cold infiltration and suggest ways that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home through insulation, caulking, or weatherstripping.

With an infrared camera, we can take pictures of your home and identify areas where heat is escaping. With a blower door testing system we can find leaks in your building envelope so that you can work to fill those leaks and make your home tighter and more energy efficient.


Prepaid Electric Service

The Prepaid Electric Service (PES) program is a prepayment alternative to traditional electric service. PES offers members the opportunity to purchase electric service in amounts needed and when needed without the concern of late charges, disconnection dates or large deposits.


Certified Comfort Home

Monroe County Electric Co-Operative understands that building a new home can be a very stress-filled time in one’s life. To help new home builders in our area, MCEC offers a guide to energy efficient construction standards - Certified Comfort Home. This booklet is filled with tips to build a home with the lowest energy consumption possible while ensuring your comfort level will be at the highest possible level. For a copy, contact MCEC.


Water Heater Promotion

Marathon water heaters, which feature a lifetime warranty on the tank and a 6 year warranty on parts and labor. Two sizes are available:
50 gallon - call office for pricing (939-7171)
85 gallon - call office for pricing (939-7171)


IEC Scholarship Program

* 4 - $2000 scholarships available for the son or daughter of a cooperative member who is planning on attending a four year school.
* 1 - $2000 scholarship--The Earl W. Struck Memorial Scholarship-- will be awarded to a student who is a son or daughter of an Illinois electric cooperative employee or director.
* 2 - $2000 scholarships will be reserved for use at a two-year Illinois community college. Sons and daughters of Illinois electric cooperative members, employees and directors are eligible.
* 1 - $2000 scholarship--The LaVern and Nola McEntire Lineworker's Scholarship-- will be awarded to the son or daughter of a cooperative member who is planning on attending training to become an electric lineman.

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Coop Connections Cards

For a PDF of Participating Businesses Click HERE
For a Excel Document of Participating Businesses Click HERE


Stand-By Generator

stand-by generatorMonroe County Electric offers the Briggs & Stratton Home Generator System line of standby and emergency generators. Briggs & Stratton is one of the leading and most well known names in small engines. Residential generators are available from 8 kW to 20 kW and can be operated on natural gas or propane.
These units are available with transfer switches that automatically start the unit and transfer to standby power in the event of a power outage. When utility service is restored, the transfer switch switches back to utility power and shuts down the generator.
The Briggs & Stratton product line was chosen for its long history in the small engine business and its commitment to a quality line of products at reasonable prices. By choosing Briggs & Stratton, we have a product that has proven reliability and a manufacturer that will be around for a long time to come.
Not sure what size you need? To help with sizing needs go to www.powernow.com. For more details, pricing information, or a site analysis, please contact our office at 939-7171 or 1-800-757-7433, ext. 115 and we will direct you to the certified installer in your area.  You can also contact us by email at amasterson@mcec.org.

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