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BENEFITS OF ELECTRIC HEATING (click a topic below for more info)

Cooperative members who install competitive, low-cost electric heating systems will realize immediate and future savings from reduced annual heating bills. They’ll also enjoy a comfortable, clean, safe, and quiet heating system. An electric heating system is environmentally friendly, too. There is no carbon monoxide, no flues or chimneys to clean, and no LP tanks in your yard. Electric heating systems are economical and energy efficient.


Benefits of Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems
Informed consumers are discovering a comfort concept that provides heating, cooling and water heating with unmatched efficiency - Geothermal. Called System:GT, geothermal systems are electrically powered methods that collect heat from water or from a liquid solution circulated through pipes buried in the ground. This method concentrates and circulates the heat through your home. The ability to move the heat is the secret of System: GT’s incredible efficiency. It also air-conditions your home by reversing the heat-moving process with equal efficiency. Thanks to the energy-saving features of System:GT, it will heat and cool your home for less money than other systems available.

Additional benefits of System:GT include: low-cost water heating, long compressor life, low maintenance, cleanliness, safety, convenience, no landscaping restrictions, and energy conservation.


Benefits of Heat Pumps
A heat pump replaces both furnace and central air conditioning unit with a single heating-cooling system - pumping heat into the house in winter and pumping heat out of the house in summer. Every year one million heat pumps are sold. They provide year-round comfort and savings. Heat pumps are popular because they are clean, safe, economical, and energy-efficient (they take advantage of the sun’s free solar energy).

Most heat pumps are compact two-piece units with both indoor and outdoor components. Single- package units can be installed entirely outdoors. In size and appearance, a heat pump looks like a central air-conditioning unit.

With a heat pump, humidity levels are maintained at comfortable levels in both summer and winter. Heat pumps provide more even temperatures with no hot or cold blasts of air.

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